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Squeaky floors?

We use our non-camping days to attack a squeaky subfloor in our RV and install new vinyl plank flooring. We used to methods to fix the squeak, the ‘foam’ method - which had mixed results, and the ‘epoxy’ method - which finally worked. We have been RV’ing across our country or 8 years now, and like to share our camping experiences, along with projects we do on our RV - hoping to inspire others to hit the road! Follow our adventures and more at our website


Materials used for this project:

JB WELD EPOXY WE USED Trim Removal Tools Spray Foam

Vinyl Floor Planks


Tools used during this project:

Corner Contour Gauge

Ryobi Drill

Ryobi Sander

Ryobi Wet/Dry Vacuum

Ryobi Brad Nailer


Thanks for watching!

James, Paul and Chompers

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