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When we travel, we are road trippers.. we are all over the country, and never know if we will have power or what cell providers have coverage. After much research, here is what we found out about Mobile Internet:

(1) STARLINK: Everyone is talking about STARLINK, but after alot of research, we determined it wasn't for us for three big reasons. First, STARLINK requires 110 power to operate.. and since we boondock alot, we would have to have our inverter on to have consistent internet. We've also read on forums that most people turn it on just when they need internet, and then turn it off, as it is a constant drain on the battery, even with Solar. Secondly, with STARLINK MOBILE, your service is lower priority, meaning, in areas of great saturation, some users complain of speeds as slow as Dial-up! Finally, you need a clear view of the sky for it to work correctly. We are often boondocking in wooded areas, so we couldn't count on it.

(2) CELL SERVICE: This is what we ended up doing. Most cell phone providers allow you to add on a mobile hot spot for not alot of money if you have a phone line with them. However, if you don't, the options are pretty limited, unless you look at their pre-paid offerings.  The best offering we found is with ATT Prepaid. $55/month for 100GB of data. The second offering we found is Verizon Prepaid/ $100/month for 150 GB.  And since we are T-Mobile customers, we were able to add a data line to our existing data account and use an old T-Mobile hotspot we have that will allow unlimited data.


Our T-Mobile, Verizon and ATT Hotspots

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